Wijtvliet Veerle – New insights in the management of infectious diseases in kidney transplant patients and dialysis patients

  • Dienst: Nierziekten
  • Promotor: Abramowicz D., Ledeganck K., Ariën K.

Verheyen Karen – The evolution of motor development and gait in children and young adults with Dravet syndrome

  • Dienst: Kinderneurologie
  • Promotor: Hallemans A., Van de Walle P.

Van Praag Dominique – Posttraumatic stress disorder following traumatic brain injury in civilians

  • Dienst: Neurochirurgie
  • Promotor: Maas A., Van Den Eede F.

Van Herck Mikhaïl – The role of differentially active t-cell subsets

  • Dienst: Gastro-enterologie en hepatologie
  • Promotor: Francque S., Vonghia L., Vanwolleghem T.

Van de Perck E – Anatomical and pharmacological strategies to improve treatment outcome in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

  • Dienst: Neus-, keel- en oorziekten
  • Promotor: Vanderveken O., Braem M., Verbraecken J.

Tondu Thierry – The delayed preshaped-breast principle after nipple-sparing mastectomy: A safe two-staged breast reconstruction in the anatomically

  • Dienst: Abdominale, kinder en plastische heelkunde
  • Promotor: Hubens G., Tjalma W., Verhoeven V.

Teuwen Laure-Anne – Tumor vessel co-option at single-cell resolution

  • Dienst: Oncologie
  • Promotor: Van Laere S.

Sterkens Ann – Unraveling the role of dendritic cells in alopecia areata

  • Dienst: Dermatologie:
  • Promotor: Lambert J., Cools N., Bervoets A.

Schoonjans An-Sofie – Fenfluramine in the treatment of Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies

  • Dienst: Neurologie
  • Promotor: Ceulemans B., Cras P.

Mendoza Ramos Viviana – The added value of speech technology in clinical care of patients with dysarthria

  • Dienst: Neus-, keel- en oorziekten
  • Promotor: Van Nuffelen G., De Bodt M.

Meena Megha – Understanding and design of a novel dynamic biomimetic blood-brain barrier model: Gateway to study the ever-evolving concepts related

  • Dienst: Hematologie
  • Promotor: Cools N.

Macken Elisabeth – Questions and Answers about Quality of Colonoscopy in Belgium

  • Dienst: Gastro-enterologie en hepatologie
  • Promotor: Van Hal G.

Hebbrecht Kaat – Exploring paths forward for mood disorder research: Embracing heterogeneity, complexity and idiography

  • Dienst: Psychiatrie
  • Promotor: Sabbe B., Giltay E.

Dijkstra Femke – Sleeping towards Synucleinopathies – the Polysomnography Progression Marker Initiative

  • Dienst: Neurologie
  • Promotor: Crosiers D., Cras P.

De Puysseleir Leander – Primary mast cell disorders: from biomolecular profiles to clinical perspectives

  • Dienst: Immunologie, allergologie en reumatologie
  • Promotor: Sabato V., Ebo D., Hagendorens M.

Delesie Michiel – Integrated management of patients with atrial fibrillation

  • Dienst: Cardiologie
  • Promotor: Heidbuchel H., Desteghe L.

Caremans Jeroen – Endoscopic procurement of tympano-ossicular allografts

  • Dienst: Bio-en weefselbank
  • Promotor: Van Rompaey V., Huizing M.

Cardon Emelie – Exploring the neural activity underlying tinnitus perception and its therapeutic exploitation

  • Dienst: Neus-, keel- en oorziekten
  • Promotor: Van Rompaey V., Gilles A.